Morrison Seahorse Swim Club ... About Us

The Morrison Seahorse Swim Club provides an opportunity for individuals to learn to swim competitively in a variety of swim meets. The goal is to keep swimming a fun learning experience, to meet new friends, and to develop a team spirit and an individual personal pride in accomplishment.

MSSC offers more than just swimming competitions. It offers a life-long aerobic conditioning program. It leads to responsibility through participation and individual discipline. Competitive swimming skills are measured by standards. Pride in accomplishment follows personal improvement; effort leads to achievement. Team unity and self-reliance develop concurrently.

Self-confidence is one of swimming’s many positive benefits. The experience of meeting new groups of young people in competition, which accentuates individual improvement against time standards, increases self-confidence and social poise. Reducing one’s time in an event makes that swimmer a winner – whether the swimmer is first, sixth or fiftieth in a race.