Morrison Seahorse Swim Club ... The Coaches

Jamie Harmon – Growing up in Morrison, she joined MSSC as a Polliwog at the age of 5 and swam with the club until 8th grade. She then swam for the Morrison High School girls swim team until her senior year. She still lives in Morrison with her husband and three children while teaching art at the Morrison Junior High School. Her two main coaches in MSSC were Steve Wilkins and Pat Campbell. All three of her children were or are on the swim team.

Email or call 815-499-1859 to reach Coach Harmon.

Coach Harmon and Coach Henson have been co-coaching the Seahorses since January 2019; they also coach the Morrison Junior High Swim Team.

Tracy Henson – She joined the Seahorse Swim Club when she was 8 years old; she swam for MSSC until she graduated high school. She then swam for the Northern Illinois University Huskies during her freshman year of college. Her two main coaches while on the Seahorses were Pat Campbell and Steve Wilkins. She’s following in her father’s footsteps; Steve Wilkins coached the Seahorses for more than 30 years. Both her children have been or are on the swim team.

Email or call 815-631-5279 to reach Coach Henson.

Jamie is seated all the way to the left in the front row in this circa-1985 photo. Tracy is in the middle of the back standing row, under the “MO” of Morrison, wearing a Morrison Swim Club shirt. Coach Steve Wilkins is in the back row, at the right.