MSSC ... Equipment and Supplies

We would like our swimmers to have a good pair of goggles, a swim cap (for kids with long hair), fins and an equipment bag to store their equipment in. Please label the child’s fins and mesh bag with a permanent Sharpie marker so they aren’t mixed up with others at the pool. We have some old fins at the pool we can give swimmers to use.

Visit to buy swim apparel at a reasonable price – free shipping if you spend more than $49. We’ve included links for you to look at.

An MSSC team suit isn’t required, but it’s nice to have all the kids on our team in matching suits at meets. A team suit is worn for meets only; the swimmers should have practice suits also. There are limited swim suits, swim caps and team apparel available for sale at the pool office. Here are the links to order team suits; order the “red” option.