Morrison Seahorse Swim Club

What to expect at a swim meet

Some meets require a Positive Check-In of all swimmers. When you arrive at the pool there will be a table with a paper for MSSC swimmers. Find your child’s name and highlight it. You will need to do this both days of the meet. This tells the host team that your child is there and plans to swim.

A coach will tell you what time to be there for warmups; we will give you a sheet with your child’s events written on it.

**Please bring this paper with you to the meet.**

Things to pack:

○ Swimsuit, Caps and Goggles – pack an extra pair if you have them in case something breaks.

○ Robe, sweats or jacket to wear over suit between events if it’s cold

○ Water and Snacks

○ 2 Towels – one to use during the meet and one to use after the meet

○ Sharpie marker – to write events on swimmer’s arm or leg

○ Highlighter and/or pen to mark heat sheets

○ Blanket, Chairs, Cards, games, etc. – to use if there’s a “crash area”

Sometimes the kids will stay on deck between events but sometimes a school will provide a “crash area” for kids and families to hang out between events. If there is a “crash area” bring a blanket and chairs. The area is usually in a hallway or a gym.

If there is a crash area they will post and/or announce the upcoming events to ask those swimmers to head to the pool to swim. When your child’s event is called please be sure he or she goes to the pool ready to swim.

If there isn’t a crash area the swimmers will stay on deck with the coaches. According to USA Swimming rules, parents aren’t allowed on deck unless they are serving in an official capacity.

Sometimes meet hosts will have a “bullpen” for swimmers – usually just for the younger swimmers. If there is a bullpen be sure your child goes to the bullpen when her or his event is called. The bullpen volunteers will line the kids in the correct order and will bring them to the pool to swim their races.

Before warmups write your child’s events for that day on your child’s forearm or leg with a Sharpie marker.

Example: #3 50 Free (This would mean your child is in Event 3 and the event is the 50 Free.)

You can abbreviate: Freestyle = Free, Backstroke = Back, Breaststroke = Breast, Butterfly = Fly, and Individual Medley = IM.

Buy a heat sheet; highlight or underline your child’s events. The heat sheet will tell you what heat and lane they are in for each event.

After warmups write the heat and lane for each event next to each event you have written on the swimmer’s arm or leg.

Example: #3 50 Free 1 – 4 (This would mean for event 3, 50 Free, your child is in Heat 1, Lane 4.)

If your child is swimming both days, spray sunblock should take the marker off your child’s arm so you can write her or his events for the next day.

Some meets will go fairly quickly but with lots of swimmers some will take several hours.

** The pool area is usually hot and humid so dress in layers!**

When your child is finished with his or her last event you are free to stay and watch the rest of the meet, or you can head home.

This is a lot of information and probably overwhelming so please contact the coaches with any questions.

Thanks so much for signing up your child to swim in meets!

Swim meets are a lot of fun for the swimmers and for the whole family!

Email or call 815-499-1859 to reach Coach Jamie Harmon.

Email or call 815-499-1859 to reach Coach Tracy Henson.